EMOTIONS ANONYMOUS is a Twelve Step program for people whose emotions are causing difficulties in their lives. Emotions Anonymous is based on the same program introduced and used by Alcoholics Anonymous. If your emotions, such as








are causing problems in your life, perhaps Emotions Anonymous can help.


There are approximately 300 meetings of Emotions Anonymous in the United States. The official anniversary date of Emotions Anonymous is July 6, 1971. An international conference is held bi-annually (typically in the fall) where members throughout the world meet to celebrate their recovery through the Twelve Step way of living offered in Emotions Anonymous.

There are no dues or fees for Emotions Anonymous membership; Emotions Anonymous meetings are self-supporting by voluntary contributions of its members. Emotions Anonymous is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution, nor does it endorse or oppose any causes. The primary purpose of Emotions Anonymous is to show its members how to stay well emotionally and how to help others to become emotionally well.



Meeting in Champaign, Illinois:

Every Tuesday, 6:45PM, Non-Smoking, Faith United Methodist Church, 1719 S. Prospect Avenue, Champaign, Illinois, Contact: eamtg2@gmail.com .

Sample of Meetings in Akron, Ohio:


Every Tuesday, 7:00PM, Non-Smoking, 106 South Cleveland Avenue, Mogadore, Ohio, Cornerstone Church.
Every Thursday, 7:30PM, Non-Smoking, Pilgrim United Methodist Church, 130 Broad Boulevard, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Contact: 330-634-1787. 

The Akron, Ohio area central information number is 234-206-1232, emotionsanon@yahoo.com 

Sample of Meetings in Cleveland, Ohio:

Every Wednesday, 7:00PM, Non-Smoking, 435 SOM Center Road, St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, Mayfield Village, Ohio.  Contact: 216-272-4244.

If you would like to obtain information on Emotions Anonymous meetings in other locations, contact Emotions Anonymous International, PO Box 4245, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55104-4245, 651-647-9712, 651-647-1593 (fax) or send an e-mail to info@EmotionsAnonymous.org
Download A New Way of Life pamphlet

You can also check the location of other Emotions Anonymous meetings around the world at the Emotions Anonymous World Directory, or visit the Akron, Ohio Emotions Anonymous Web Site.


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